Goals and Priorities for Santa Rosa

As a member of the City Council, Jeff Okrepkie will work to improve the quality of life of Santa Rosans by focusing on:

Housing affordability and fire recovery/resiliency

As the co-founder of Coffey Strong, Jeff helped streamline the rebuilding process for fire survivors. He’s also approved new affordable housing as a member of the Planning Commission, and, recognizing the hurdles facing prospective homebuilders, will pursue operational efficiencies from the City Planning and Building Departments.

Jeff Okrepkie with fire survivors
Jeff Okrepkie talking with Tom Schwedhelm

Homelessness and mental health services

Jeff has earned the support of fellow Coffey Park neighbor and City Councilmember/former Mayor Tom Schwedhelm. As the City Council’s leader on homelessness issues, Tom has worked with Jeff to discuss challenges and opportunities facing homeless populations in Santa Rosa to advance effective solutions to this critical issue.

Recreational opportunities for children and families

As a husband and father of two who lives in walking distance from Coffey Park, Jeff enjoys the amenities offered close to his family’s home. He recognizes other areas of District 6 lack easy access to parks and recreational opportunities, something he wants to improve upon as a member of the City Council.

Okrepkie Family Photo
Coffey Park Sign

Climate change and the environment

When it comes to the environment, Jeff knows we must be at the forefront of environmental stewardship to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the use of renewable energy resources from the transportation and energy sectors. As a fire survivor, Jeff has also seen the real-world, devastating impacts of climate change in our own community and across the State of California over the last decade, emboldening his commitment to make climate action a priority. He will bring environmental stakeholders together to address this critical issue and devise solutions.

Community engagement

Jeff is no stranger to District 6. He’s lived in Northwest Santa Rosa for more than a decade, even after his home was destroyed in the 2017 Tubbs Fire. On the City Council, Jeff will seek to work with his neighbors and longtime residents – engaging his fellow citizens to collaborate on the betterment of Santa Rosa.

Jeff Okrepkie discussing issues with seniors in community